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Greetings Amigos! The following represents the growing list of books, essays, and photography inspired by my adoptive home and muse--México. It is my hope and pleasure to be able to share the love I have for her through stories, fiction writing, and photographic images. 

Coming Spring 2022!
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Crossing Over The Moon

​Debut novel, Crossing Over the Moon, is the story of a rural family struggling to navigate the shifting landscape of secrets, borders, narcos, and the social upheaval of late 20th century Mexico. 

Beginning on the agave-fringed slopes of a rumbling volcano in the Mexican highlands circa the early 1960s, Crossing Over The Moon follows the extraordinary life of María Esperanza Villa Jimenez, a precocious adolescent with incisive wit who earns scholarship to university, falls in with a bohemian literary circle in the capital, experiences the devastating Mexico City 1985 earthquake, and matures to become a leader of Mexico’s emerging Zapatista social-justice movement of the 1990s.


       Set into motion by the death of the family’s youngest son Carlito, this fast-paced, magical realism-laced narrative tracks the divergent lives of several other family members; illegitimate half-brother Prieto who disappears from home and becomes a ruthless narco lieutenant after causing Carlito’s death; younger brother Tachi who bears the secret of the incident; eldest brother Theo who emigrates to the U.S. to seek his fortunes and, after a harrowing border crossing and gruesome work in the stockyards of the midwest, enlists in the U.S. Army and serves on the front lines of Operation Desert Storm in Iraq. The story also follows Grandma Griselda as she watches the family’s earthly events unfold from the swirling mists of the afterlife. 

       As the story advances, the disparate subplots merge and drive the narrative to its dramatic conclusion when the principal characters return home for their mother’s funeral.



A Sustainable Adventure

As lively and engaging an account of resettling in Mexico as you’ll encounter, replete with goat wrangling, narcos, scorpions, and a rollicking cast of characters. As Dan and Holly, fleeing their stress-filled US lives, struggle to set up an eco-friendly community along Mexico’s west coast, fiascos and triumphs mark their journey.”

~ Tony Cohan, Literary Guild Winner and author of the

NYT’s best-selling memoir, On Mexican Time

★★★★★ - Looking for a whirlwind Mexican journey to sustainability and beyond? Then this book is for you! A read in a million and one you won't want to miss.

~ Surviving Mexico / Book Reviews


★★★★★ - Beautifully written cultural lesson. For anyone thinking of moving to Mexico, this is a must-read. ~ Larry Edell (Amazon Top Reviewer)

★★★★★ - There are a few books I’ve read that have had this effect on me. I look forward to my reading time, usually nap time or bedtime, because it is there waiting for me. And, as I near the end of the book, I begin to feel sad because I know I will soon be saying good-bye to it. ​~ 

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The Ride To Talpa

(Free Short Story Download)

~ Winner 2019 Solis Travel Writing Award ~

Ride along with Author Daniel Gair as crossed the rugged Sierra Madre mountains by horseback and experiences Mexican dude bonding, in the extreme! This free download version includes previously unpublished photos of the trip.

By signing up you will receive notice of future free downloads and special offers including a chance to win a limited edition copy of Dan's gorgeous, limited-edition photography book, Mexico / A Portrait (see below).


Mexico / a portrait

From lush tropical jungles to vibrant pulsing, cities, desolate beaches, spectacular canyonlands and scorched desert landscapes, Dan's photographs capture the rich corizón heart of Mexico.  Being a professional, award-winning photographer for more than twenty years, and having traveled the length and breadth of Mexico, Dan's photographs capture the essence of his adoptive homeland with unparalleled depth and intimacy. New for 2021, "Mexico / a portrait" has been re-issued with scores of fresh images.

Available by special order. Contact us for pricing and delivery options...

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