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Reviews of The Mexico Diaries

4.6 rating average on Amazon/Kindle/Goodreads


“As lively and engaging an account of resettling in Mexico as you’ll encounter, replete with goat wrangling, narcos, scorpions, and a rollicking cast of characters. As Dan and Holly, fleeing their stress-filled US lives, struggle to set up an eco-friendly community along Mexico’s west coast, fiascos and triumphs mark their journey.”~ Tony Cohan, Literary Guild Winner and author of NYT’s best-selling memoir, On Mexican Time. 


★★★★★ - Looking for a whirlwind Mexican journey to sustainability and beyond? Then this book is for you! A read in a million and one you won't want to miss. ~ Surviving Mexico / Book Reviews


★★★★★ - Beautifully written cultural lesson. For anyone thinking of moving to Mexico, this is a must-read. ~ Larry Edell (Amazon Top 1000 Reviewer)


★★★★★ - Such a great read... thoughtful, funny, witty, and insightful. Experiential travel writing at its best! ~ Don C


★★★★★ - Super Fun Read About Living in Mexico. A must-read for anyone considering the expat life in Mexico. ~ Elizabeth Scholes


★★★★★ - Down the rabbit hole. Like a ride in a psychedelic bus through crazy town. Loved it loved it very much. It made me braver and more open to follow my dreams. Thank you for allowing us in to this place of bad roads and good people. ~ D Rix


★★★★★ - Delightful! This work is a well-written, often hilarious, sometimes sad, but oh-so-true depiction of life in rural Mexico… I highly recommend this delightful and insightful book! ~ J Michaelson


★★★★★ - What were they getting into?   I look forward to a sequel! ~ Kaypaso


★★★★★ - A visual and magical journey. I recommend this book to anyone who knows, loves, or is thinking of living in Mexico. ~ Lee Chapman


★★★★★ - Highly recommended! A fun and informative book on contemporary life in rural Mexico. I loved this book and learned a lot about Mexican culture. The real-life cast of characters, including the author, are mostly all lovable eccentrics, and the story is heart-warming and often laugh-out-loud funny. ~ Pelican


★★★★★ - They Live My Idea of a Real Life! ~ Vidds


★★★★★ - This is written from the heart ~ Diane R


★★★★★ - Mexico Uniquely Defined. I loved this book, Daniel Gair delves into his Diaries of travel and life in Mexico as he suggests explanations of Mexican bravado, machismo, spirituality, and 'manana'. A must read for those of us who just can't get enough Mexico. ~ DJ 


★★★★★ - “An exhilarating, entertaining, and educational escapade through the joys and perils of expat living.” ~ Esme Shrift

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